Wednesday, December 2, 2009


To all the wonderful women in the world who love everything that I do... I have opened a gorgeous little shop in the Town of Seaside in Marcoola, Sunshine Coast, Queensland..

We moved up here almost 12 months ago and I have been able to follow another dream...

I have been able to open a Shabby / French kind of place for all you gals who love everything Pink..

It is very quiet here so I am hoping that this little blog will get around to most of you.

Those of you who live on the Sunny Coast.. Please try to drop in and see what I have for you... I have decided that in the new Year we will also be offering Tea/Coffee and light refreshments for our lovely ladies also.. (gentlemen are also welcome..)

Once I have worked out how to post some pictures up here I am sure you will all love what Marsel has to offer...

Signing off