Wednesday, December 2, 2009


To all the wonderful women in the world who love everything that I do... I have opened a gorgeous little shop in the Town of Seaside in Marcoola, Sunshine Coast, Queensland..

We moved up here almost 12 months ago and I have been able to follow another dream...

I have been able to open a Shabby / French kind of place for all you gals who love everything Pink..

It is very quiet here so I am hoping that this little blog will get around to most of you.

Those of you who live on the Sunny Coast.. Please try to drop in and see what I have for you... I have decided that in the new Year we will also be offering Tea/Coffee and light refreshments for our lovely ladies also.. (gentlemen are also welcome..)

Once I have worked out how to post some pictures up here I am sure you will all love what Marsel has to offer...

Signing off



  1. Hi Margaret

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Well done!
    I'm going to look forward to visiting you often, I shall add you to my favs side bar link

    Look forward to seeing plenty of photos when you suss out how to, won't take you long I bet

    I must remember to buy the current Country Collections mag. WOW!

    Good luck with everything

  2. Hey there Sweetie!!

    YAY a blog!! now we can all see what your up to!! Hope the shop is going well for you!!
    take care

  3. This looks fantastic! Well done. Cany wait to come and do some shopping! All the best with it all!